For a film or production project in Alaska, there is a lot more to success than simply finding the right spot. As only a small percentage is served by the road system, it is often essential to have someone on your team who understands the various modes of transport and power needed to make a film or production location work.

Conundrum Ventures has vast experience in determining and utilizing the most appropriate and cost effective methodologies of moving personnel and materiel in Alaskan environments. We know when you need a plane and when you need a helicopter, what size and model are appropriate and which vendors are dependable. We know when you need a very small aircraft, when you need a DC-3 on skis, and where to get them. We know how to set up and power a back country crew camp and how to make sure you can legally stage enough fuel in a remote location to do a job so that simple things like fuel runs don't drive your budget through the roof.

In Alaska, mistakes in logistics can easily destroy the most carefully planned budget. In a vast land that is ruled by weather, good logistical decisions have the single largest impact on the success of production projects. We have a lifetime of experience in remote operations with high financial stakes.

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